General Information Edit

When you kill the boss it will drop you 50 Gold. it was 250 Gold, but with Version 4.0.1 the amont changed.

When the Boss and every spawned dragon are dead, you have won and get a random Special Equipment.

How to Equip your Dice Edit

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Potions you should have Edit

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The enemys Edit

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How to play Edit

Generals things Edit

You can win this level in 2 turns, but it can be also unpossible. See how! There are 5 special fields on the battlefield. Everyone has a special colour. You need to place the right coloured dice on this places. The Boss will be vulnerable then.

Let's go Edit

  • Your Clerics start. Let the left on his place to shield your dice and teleport right one on the white field underneath him.
  • Move the Warriors to the boss (see picture-coming soon).
  • Use the left shaman to teleport the warrior on the red field and use the left shaman to teleport a mage on the purple field.
  • Now it is the Boss turn. The Boss will spawn 3 random dragons at every of its turns. They will move afterwards.
  • There are some bad things, that can happen, and they can make it unpossible to win, so better restart and do not loose that much time. A restart will be faster! If something like this happen, better restart:
    • Every warrior, that is a neighbour from the boss died
    • A dice on a special field is turned into stone
    • Your archers are freezed and yet not placed on the special fields
    • One sort of dices gets totally killed (means for example every archer dies, or every mage. You cant place the on the fields then)
  • When it is your turn again use your archers to place oneon the green coloured field. When you did it with the first archer use the second and try to kill an enemy dragon dice. (And use a potion maybe, when you are in range)
  • The boss won't be invulnerable any longer now!
  • Simply use the mages to kill the dragon dice (Don't kill the warriors with an AoE skill
  • Shield the shamans, maybe respawn a dice with the Clerics. Use the warrior skill Berserk to kill the boss.Now concentrate on the 1-3 dragons.
  • You win! :)
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