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XP Farming:

One of the best ways to farm is by blocking atacks. If you set your dice with some Wooden Shield (better 6), you can take your dices to level 6 in a few games, on the first Dungeon. Just walk to the bridge and let the archers hit you. If you have 6 Wooden Shield, you just roll and roll until level 6, then use a skill to lose the shield and die. Six shields costs 90 golds, and if you sold them, 45 golds returned, so you can extra fast level for 45 golds, or play some games (dying when you dont roll a Wooden Shield) for a cheaper price.

Of course, you can level via potions.

Gold Farming:

The best gold farming spot I've found is on island 20. If you go with a wizard with 2 Scroll of firestorm and 2 Scroll of fire tornado, or 3 Scroll of firestorm and 2 Scroll of fire tornado, 4/6 or 5/6 probability to hit on area, and on the first turn they all regroup, so you can gain 14 golds on one hit, and then just get killed or suicide with one scroll to replay the island. Also, on this island, you will earn some potion ingredients that may be useful.

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