General Information Edit

Looks like this is the hardest level in the whole game. There is no "guranteed win" strategy at the moment, but there are some good starts, that yould resolve in a win. So take your time. You will need some tries!

How to Equip your Dice Edit

50 Cleric 2

Shield 2 support Cleric.(1x)

50 Cleric 1

All shield 1 support Cleric(1x)

50 Shaman both

Teleport Shaman (2x)

50 Mage both

Full AoE Mage (2x)

Potions you should have Edit

  • minimum of 10 potions of fire.
  • minimum of 5 potions of antidote
  • maybe 3 potions of viscosity
  • maybe 3 potions of petrification

The enemys Edit

(coming soon)

How to play Edit

Generals things Edit

I found a working strategy for the first few turns. After that... Good luck!

Important: Before you do any Dice turn, look if you can use a potion of fire to kill an enemy with shield 1 or 0! It could make the difference between winning and loosing.

Let's go Edit

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-05-36

Click on the picture to see detailed what happenend. (An arrow (⇓) means, that it goes to the next picture) I'll write down here what you shall do. After this it is still luck to win ;)

I tried a few combinations, and this looks like it is the best. Place your dice, how I did in the Screenshot.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-06-01

Place the Cleric with a "every shield 1 in the middle" and the Shaman with the second turn (Here called Rax, you need to try which one of yours goes first) on the belower position.

Start the following: shield your Shaman with a shield of 2. (Here called Rax) and shield your other dice with a shield of 1. After that use Azog to teleport Rax.

Kill Leri with a Fire potion. Use Rax' class ability and take control over Fea. Use its class ability to take control over Nor.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-06-54
Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-10-10

Your Mage (Here called Dort) can now kill the two Mages! Because they lost all their defence, when the Shaman is dead.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-10-38

Use Nors class ability Berserk to kill the neighboured enemy Warrior.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-11-56

Shield one Mage (here called Gend) with a shield of 2. and teleport it into the left enemys.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-11-08

When the Mage is on its turn use a fire potion to kill the middle Cleric and kill the other with a Scroll of fire tornado (hopefully the dice gets this rolled) to kill the other enemy Cleric.

Now your enemy can not revive a dice and hopefully you can kill him! Good luck!

Screenshot 2015-12-01-17-11-08